You were amazing and I loved every second. Can’t believe how much better I feel and my wardrobe looks! I cannot recommend you more highly, it is a MUST for all the girls… and boys out there!! A huge thank you x

Emma Would

Fantastic day with Rachael sorting out my wardrobe ready to return to work after maternity leave. She’s given me renewed confidence and some great advice. I wanted her to tell me what I wear that doesn’t work, and what I don’t wear but should. She achieved that and more. Wardrobe revived! A very happy customer! This lot is headed for the charity shop x

Kate Sweeting , BBC Look North Presenter

Rachael is a fabulous and professional stylist with a natural flair for fashion, and she knows what works for each individual. Since Rachael’s visit I have a organised wardrobe of outfits which she collated from my original items and some great new key pieces, all of which work together so I am able to mix and match.


Rachael was recommended to me by a friend and a few months on, I still feel great. During the wardrobe consultation she gave me a huge number of ways to enhance the way I wear my current wardrobe, putting together numerous outfits I had never considered before and also provided a list of important items my wardrobe was lacking. 

Rachael instinctively understood my ‘style’, but helped me look at new styles I have never considered before. She understood my body hang-ups, and suggested ways in which to enhance my best bits. Most importantly, she gave me back my confidence in how to accessorise, put together outfits and dress for different occasions. Rachael’s ability to stay within my budget, her honest approach and attitude made the whole experience fun, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends.


I cannot recommend Rachael more highly. In one wardrobe consultation and one shopping trip she has not only overhauled my motley collection of clothes but given me the confidence and the skills and knowledge to continue adding to my now capsule wardrobe. Rachael really listens to what you want and is fantastic at supporting you to develop your own style, while suggesting things which you never thought you could pull off.

She completely understands the challenges of a working mum and how to combine high street items with more expensive things to create outfits which look great but are practical and will last the test of time. The best thing about shopping with Rachael is that she takes all the indecision away and has already done the prep so the clothes are waiting in the changing room when you get there. We had such a fun day together, she was hugely patient and determined to get the things on our list. She has literally transformed both my wardrobe and my approach to buying and wearing clothes. She also managed to show me that I wasn’t making the most of my existing clothes and with a few additions I have more options than I previously thought. Unlike most of my shopping trips, I have not regretted a single purchase I made with Rachael and have had so many compliments about my new clothes. She provides a brilliant service which is well worth the money.


Its the first time I’ve ever had a professional wardrobe consultation and personal shopping experience, and all I can say is ‘Wow’! Rachael has a true gift of style and can make outfits from your existing wardrobe, and know what to shop for to add the finishing touches with one or two essentials. It’s given me a lot more confidence on how to smarten up a casual look, which is exactly what I asked for. Every girl needs to have a personal shopper at least once in their life! I can highly recommend Rachael, as she is lovely, friendly & professional, yet puts you at ease – a pleasure to be with. Thanks Rachael!


I can say hand on heart that having my wardrobe reviewed and being taken shopping has been a really uplifting experience for me.. you were so lovely to spend time with and I am delighted with my purchases. 

I believe that this is the future for me and I can’t wait to do it all again. 

It’s not so much the fun of the shopping, as you know that is not my favourite activity, its more the reassurance that I have the clothes I need for work and pleasure in which I feel an element of confidence that I never realised I was actually lacking 

I have this sense of calm now about my wardrobe… again, by default, I wasn’t consciously aware that I didn’t have that until this time … it’s been such a liberating experience. 

Thank you so much xx


I have known Rachael for many years and she clearly loves her new job! She is very professional, will work to your budget and listens when you say no! Having her see your wardrobe prior to the trip helps, as she knows what you need and what works with what (and what you need to throw out)! It makes me think what to wear now everyday and to look after my wardrobe! I look forward to wearing my new clothes. All clothes have been set aside in the stores which makes shopping hassle free. A big treat, thanks Rach.


I love shopping and I’m good at it; or so I thought. But after four years out of London where I wore one outfit that worked day through to night I’d realised things had changed. I persevered but failed miserably, I’d lost my way. Time to address this, but it wasn’t just this, it was a THIS. Something so personal. Oh and in true Bridget fashion I was always going to be 10 lbs lighter!

However I took the plunge, I’d seen the reviews so it was time to get Mrs B in to scrutinise the wardrobe. F&F, clothes I loved, clothes I regretted buying, clothes I’d had for years. I was secretly ashamed to throw open the creaky wardrobe doors. However talk about Lion and The witch and the Wardrobe we had a ball. I was reunited with old friends, some foes, some howlers but I loved every minute.  The result, I’d judged harshly there was still life in the wardrobe, it just needed an eye to curate the motley crew. I hadn’t connected how to put things together, relate to my current lifestyle or learnt how to mind the gap.  But a few photographs taken here and there I was well aware of where the gaps were, what worked and what suited. Now I had photo evidence.

The wardrobe consultation was such a revelation I was intrigued to see the outcome of a personal shopping experience.

I LOVED every minute. Proper shops, like a full range not just two or three items (I told you I’m country,) own dressing room with my rail of pre-selected clothes by Mrs B (plus my own as I wondered round the shop, she couldn’t have it all her own way!) We went great guns she chose well. But this her job. Mrs B see ladies of all shapes sizes and ages so don’t ever feel shy. Talk about my draws being up and down, sorry I meant trousers, we tried on so many clothes and there was a schedule to adhere too. We went mad then after three hours we stopped for a twenty five minute lunch, just long enough to eat and for Mrs B to rattle off the to do list.

 So how do I conclude?  I loved the makeover at the end of the day, and I loved the photo album that bought everything together, which I constantly refer to. I loved feeling like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (a bit tiring carrying all the bags!) But the universal way to sum up, there’s only Bridget’s way right: Time taken to get ready to go out; halved. Weight lost 0lb, but everyone thinks I have as I now have properly fitting clothes. How do I feel?  Gutted I have to wait until Spring\Summer before I can do it all over again. Did I tell you I love to shop…. But I’ve realised maybe I’m just not that good on my own everyone needs a helping hand (read trained eye!) Oh and ££££’s saved in clothes I won’t wear….huge!

I had my wardrobe consultation today with Rachael, it was a Christmas present from my other half(my idea!)
I’ve struggled with my style since having my children, and had really lost my way..going from a job where I had a set uniform, to being a mummy, but also a business owner, and choosing the right attire for both…arghhh!

Rachael was friendly with a professional air. I was a bit nervous about baring my somewhat haphazard clothing collection, but she went through them to put together outfits and accessories, the things that I should definitely keep…and the things that perhaps were ready to go! I was surprised at how many of the items of clothing I’d pushed away in drawers were actually key to changing and pulling together my new look- my collection of scarves for one..! I feel I can now put together outfits from my existing pieces, but I am also looking forward to our shopping trip too, to pick up the missing key pieces to finish my capsule wardrobe. Who knew I had a phobia about owning knitwear?! 

Having the style book to refer to is also a lovely touch, as it can be difficult to take in all the good advice given!
I would definitely recommend Rachael, she has a natural talent for style and reading people, which instantly puts you at ease., and above all, she listens to what you want to achieve from the experience.


Highly recommended – it can be quite daunting allowing someone into your wardrobe but I needn’t have worried. Rachael is incredibly professional and very talented at putting outfits together. Having the wardrobe consultation first enabled her to identify gaps in my wardrobe and really meant that I got the most out of the shopping trip. It also felt very therapeutic having a good clear out!

I am thrilled with all of the pieces I bought on the shopping trip and it has really made me think more carefully about choosing outfits (rather than pulling out the first clean item from the top of the ironing pile!) and as a result I feel so much more confident. The shopping trip was a real treat and it was lovely to have everything picked out – it meant that I tried things that I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen myself and I love the results! Rachael is very clever about selecting pieces that can make a number of different outfits so I think it’s cost effective as well (this is what I told my husband anyway…!)


I wish I’d done this sooner! Not only did I have the best time ever, but now I feel great and look forward to social events that the week holds. Confidence renewed! I can’t wait until we do my Summer shop. Thank you so much.

I cannot commend Rachel Bennett’s help and advice highly enough.
She has a warm, friendly disposition and helped boost my self esteem and confidence.
She has sorted and sifted my wardrobe making it so much more manageable. Her recommendations regarding various possible additions to my wardrobe have been invaluable,  saving hours at the computer or around the shops searching for that certain something.
I would recommend her to any lady out there who needs to de-clutter or to find an outfit that really works!

I had a brilliant morning with Rachael clearing my drawers and wardrobe binning a few
howlers – although there were fewer than I imagined!  Rachael was brilliant at identifying a few new key looks for me out of my existing wardrobe even bringing in some fairly old bits which I thought were probably past it until she showed me how to put it all together –  the sleeve length, the layering tip and teaming it all up with a new pair of boots suddenly little old me looks like the real deal!

With her bag of props it was easy to see what looked great and what didn’t suit.  Surprisingly my personality was brought into the equation more than my physical shape – this was key for me, having bought outfits in the past which fitted well and looked ok but I felt I couldn’t really carry off.  Rachael identified that it was because I’d bought things that didn’t suit my personality and suddenly the penny dropped!  Am now on the hunt for a jumpsuit, and I feel so much happier about the future of black tie!

I would thoroughly recommend a morning with the lovely Rach we laughed and laughed and nailed a great new look without vast expense.  In fairness Rachael even did the shopping for me and sent me the links to click ‘Buy now’.  A great present.